Nebo Slim+ flashlight 700 lumens
This Nebo Slim + rechargeable flashlight is the successor of its previously successful brother, the Nebo Slim. This isn't just a super powerful flashlight; the Slim + is also a strong power bank, with which you can charge your phone or other device in no time. In addition, this Slim + is equipped with a strong, clear laser pointer. Furthermore, this powerhouse is continuously dimmable and equipped with a detachable mounting clip with magnet. A strong magnet is also integrated into the lamp itself, with which you can quickly and securely attach the Slim + to any metal surface.

Dimmable rechargeable torch 700 Lumen + power bank
Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
Color: matte black
Size: 12.0 x 5.0 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 115 grams
Lamp: LED
Light color: white
Laser pointer color: red
Built-in power bank
Light intensity: 700 Lumen
Power: 5V - 1A
Includes power bank
Battery: Li Ion battery

Power - burn time / range:
Maximum output: 700 Lumen - 1.5 hours - 60 meters
Minimum output: 70 Lumens - 6.0 hours - 20 meters

Flat design, so it does not roll away
Drop resistant up to 1 meter
Water resistant: IPX7
Infinitely dimmable
Includes detachable mounting clip with magnet
Built-in foot magnet
Including swing-away hanging hook
Includes micro USB charging cable
Guarantee: 5 years

Flat, compact flashlight that does not roll away and fits in any jacket or trouser pocket
This extremely strong rechargeable flashlight has a maximum light output of no less than 700 Lumen, with which you can shine at least 60 meters. The housing is made of anodized aircraft aluminum, which makes the Slim + flashlight water and shock resistant. The flashlight is flat so that it does not roll away and is equipped with a turnable hanging hook and a strong magnetic base. The Slim + is a compact aluminum work lamp, power bank and laser pointer in one. The class 2 red laser pointer can be used professionally as a measuring or indicating instrument.

Nebo Slim + LED lamp with power bank, dimming function and battery indicator
The battery indicator indicates whether your battery may need to be charged; when the lamp is switched on, the indicator lights up green or red for 3 seconds. The magnetic clip and hanging hook can be removed by turning it 270 degrees clockwise. Dimming function works by pressing and holding the on / off switch until the desired level is reached. The lamp flashes briefly to indicate that it is in the maximum or minimum position. The Slim + has a very flat design with a thickness of only 1.5 cm, so it will never roll away and I can fit any trouser or jacket pocket.
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